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The Devil’s in the Details

This isn’t a quick peek at your website. We invest hours carefully scouring the dark, dusty corners of your website to see where you stand. Everything from your content to load times and technical bugs are considered. No detail is too small.

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SEOTeam can help you out if:

You’ve never had a solid SEO strategy in place.
You’re not seeing ROI from your current SEO strategy.
Your competitors always come out on top in search engines.
Your website is blah.

See Improved ROI in 3 Steps

Our SEO Audit will increase revenue and give your business the boost it deserves.



First, we pinpoint the problems. We consider your web design, keyword strategy, content value, backlinks, and more.



Once we know where things are going wrong, we can make a plan for addressing pain points and getting better results.



Finally, we’re ready to launch your new SEO campaign. We’ll continue to evaluate the plan to ensure that you’re doing well with search engines and seeing excellent ROI.

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