Beat your competition with more reviews!

More reviews. More business for you!

Getting online reviews is critical to the success of local businesses but it can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

With SEOTeam, you get an easy-to-use review management platform that focuses on automation your online reviews. Simplify Your Ability to Generate, Monitor, and Market Customer ReviewSimplify Your Ability to Generate, Monitor, and Market Customer Review– saving time and speeding upand customization that lets you market and leverage our platform as an added service and value to your clients.

How it works

An easy way to win clients and grow your business

Our price point and easy but effective approach to review management means you can leverage our platform to generate more revenue without a lot of additional client work.

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Access resourcesto help you price and sell review management — you could get a 70% profit margin usingour platform.

Get a platform that grows with your business

Most review management platforms are designed for individual brands, but ours is designed for agencies. Efficiently organize and report on multiple brands and locations and easily add and onboard new clients as you grow.

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Customize your review management platform

Our platform can be white-labeled — meaning you can customize the look and feel and add your logo for a professional approach to your review management. Even the domain is unique to your company.

Monitor reviews on the sites that matter most

Do you have to go to five different review sites for each client to check for reviews?
We’ll save you so much time by gathering your reviews in one place.

Save time with automation

Our user-friendly interface saves you time through an automated approach to getting, managing, and sharing reviews. Spend less time on review management and more time strategizing with your clients.

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Make review management a revenue generator for your business with a custom, automated review management approach

How It works

We help you build a business using the power of online reviews.
Review Generation

Get more reviews with the review funnel.

Our core product is what we call a “review funnel”— a landing page designed to remove friction from writing reviews about your client’s business.

Send emails and texts to ask for reviews.

Customers are asked to write a review from an easy-to-use review funnel.

You provide customers with multiple review site options.

More reviews from customers.

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Review Monitoring

Get email alerts whenever you get a new online review

It’s critical that you and your team know when you’ve received a new online review. Make sure your team gets notified by email.

Set up online review email alerts for you, your team, and your clients.
Monitor over 100+ industries for major and industry-specific review sites.
Easily respond to your positive and negative reviews on time.

Review Marketing

Share your reviews on your website and social media

Your customer reviews provide some of the best review marketing copy that you can use.

Share reviews on your website.
Automatically publish reviews on Facebook and Twitter.

Review Reporting

Track your reviews – measure your growth and ratings.

Make sure that your review request campaigns are driving new reviews and that your review performance is improving across all of your most important review sites.

Set up daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
Use filters to capture the review management information that matters to you.

Pricing Plans

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