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Online lead generation can be incredibly overwhelming

Going it alone in lead generation can feel like rolling the dice. Your efforts feel random, your luck is hit and miss, and you don’t know what is (and isn’t) working.

SEOTeam® can help. For years, we have been generating quality leads for businesses. We pair our expertise with the latest tools and techniques to help you design a customized lead-generation strategy that will allow your business to shine.

Smart Design + Foolproof Strategy = Success
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Webflow Design

We create custom websites that attract interest, hold attention, and deliver results.

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SEO Services

Keep your website fresh. We develop shiny new web content that will dazzle your prospects and Google.

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SEO Auditing

See how your current SEO strategy stacks up and develop a plan for improved sales.

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5 Steps to a Better Performing Business Website

Who says growing a business online has to be hard? We offer a fast, simple, effective plan.


Determine your needs.

First, we evaluate your unique goals, current processes, and consumer audience. This helps us determine exactly what you need for successful SEO and web design.


Design and build for greatness.

Next, we will design a rough draft of your website. You’ll offer your input, and we’ll keep designing until you’re happy.


Make sure you love what you see.

Review the finished product on a staging site and provide your final thoughts and critiques. We’ll make tweaks until it’s ready to go live.


Learn how to manage your website.

We provide training on how you can edit and update your website on your own so you can add new content and continue to grow.

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Launch your site.

Once everything else is in place, you’re ready to go live with your website and start connecting with customer


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the practice of ranking a website on the search engines to increase its visibility when users search for relevant keywords and queries.As you can increase the ranking of a site across a range of keywords, you will begin to see an increase in the organic traffic that it receives. Organic traffic is that which comes from Google’s natural listings, rather than paid ads.

Does My Business Need SEO?

Contact us and we will assist you in turning your specific needs and requirements into technical specifications for your business.Organic search is responsible for approximately 53% of total internet traffic.  If you are not doing SEO, your competitors are getting your business.

If you’re able to rank your website at the top of the search engines for your keywords, you’ll benefit from a steady stream of traffic that you’ll enjoy 24/7.

How Does SEO Work?

Google uses over 200 ranking factors, and these allow the search engine’s algorithms to rank websites based upon the relevancy and authority of their pages.Essentially, Google is striving to recommend the most relevant answer from the most trustworthy source in the most appropriate format for its user.

To succeed at SEO, you need to ensure that your content is the most relevant result for a specific search query and that your website is seen as a trustworthy source.This not only includes “on-page” optimization but “off-page” optimization SEO which can include high-quality backlinks, video SEO, article/blogging syndication and more.

Why Isn't My Website Ranking on Google?

Your website may not be ranking due to the following reasons:

  • Your site is new and hasn’t built up sufficient authority to rank for competitive search queries. You can’t launch a website and expect to rank for your target queries overnight; you need to demonstrate that you deserve to rank.
  • Your content doesn’t match the user’s intent or lacks in-depth analysis or quality compared to the pages that rank for the queries you’re looking at. You need to ensure that the pages you serve are at least as good as, ideally better than, what’s already ranking.
  • You are lacking quality backlinks and/or presence on other platforms such as YouTube all of which can boost your SEO keyword rankings.

How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?

This depends on several factors but the bottom line is that It takes time for a website to perform organically as Google ranks relevant sites that have built up authority.

Depending on the level of resources you allocate to your strategy, your competition, it can take somewhere between 6 months and one year.It might only take a few months to rank for a local term (e.g., electrician in [location]), whereas it could take years to rank a new website for, let’s say, the term “cameras.”

Should I Do SEO, Run PPC Ads, or Both?

Ideally, a business should be using multiple strategies for internet traffic which would include both SEO and PPC campaigns.  However budget is always a concern so it is essential that SEO is at least the main strategy and if budget allows, a small but targeted PPC campaign.

Does Social Media Help To Increase My Website's Rank?

Social Media does not directly contribute to your SEO rankings however what it does is increase your brand exposure.  When more people see and share your website content throughout social media, it creates more brand exposure for you to your target market. Ultimately, this means more traffic to your website and more leads/sales.